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College Credit Programs

College Credit Programs

2020-2021 Juniors and Seniors,

In the Fall, Roosevelt High School will offer dual credit classes through South Plains College.  A student enrolled in a dual credit course receives academic credit for both high school and college courses upon successful completion.  Each course is one semester in length. Registration for Spring classes will occur in November.  

What is Needed to Take Dual Credit?

Students in any Dual Credit course are to show college readiness by successfully completing the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) prior to registration.  However, due to COVID-19 and school closures, a student who completes Freshman and Sophomore Math, Science, History and/or English with an “80” or above, has an overall GPA of “80” or above, AND has approval from  a school administrator, will be eligible to take the corresponding class. Dual Credit courses are more rigorous than high school courses, and students are expected to devote more time outside of class to complete coursework and meet deadlines. 

Students who have completed a dual credit course have already shown TSI eligibility and are not required to meet additional criteria.  

What Dual Credit Classes are Available at My School?

Currently, Roosevelt offers three dual credit classes taught by teachers on campus, and the remaining courses are online only.

Dual Credit Fall 2020

Course Name

Course ID


College Algebra

Math 1314

Mrs. Moore

Biology for Non-Science Majors

Biol 1408

Mr. Ferris

US History 1

Hist 1301

Mrs. Rowland

Composition 1

Eng 1301


Composition 2 (must take Comp 1 first)

Eng 1302


World Literature 1 (must take Comp 1 & 2 first)

Eng 2332


Federal Government

Govt 2305


How Much are Dual Credit Courses?

Prices for courses are listed by semester hours and rates are set by South Plains College. Please visit with South Plains College for a complete list of current rates.

When Can I Register?

Students will indicate on their 2020-2021 Schedule Request Form their desire to take a Dual Credit course.   Once your student is enrolled in a dual credit course, they must abide by the SPC withdrawal and drop dates. Students who do not withdraw by the SPC drop date may still be responsible for tuition.  Initial completion requirements:

  • Indicate on the RHS Schedule Request Form which class you would like to take
  • Approval from Ms. Jones, Mrs. Franklin, Mr. Ledbetter, and/or Mr. Groves
  • Complete admission application at (for first-time dual credit students only)
  • Complete the Dual Credit Enrollment Form and return it to RHS (all students who want to participate in dual credit must complete this form)

I Have More Questions; Who Can I Contact?

If you have more questions about Dual Credit classes, please contact Theresa Franklin at

Articulated Courses (through South Plains College)**
Child Development
Instructional Practices in Education & Training (RST 1)
Business Information Management 1
Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technologies

* Dual Credit means that students earn both college credit (through South Plains College) and high school credit simultaneously. Students pay SPC tuition for the college credit courses.
** Tech Prep courses are part of an agreement between Roosevelt ISD and South Plains College. Students who make an A or B in these high school courses are granted credit by SPC. This credit can be used after the student accepts admission into SPC. The student does not pay tuition for the Tech Prep courses.