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Financial Aid - FAFSA

Financial Aid comes from these sources:
1.  The Federal Government (the largest source)
2.  State Governments
3.  Colleges and Universities
4.  Private organizations, such as companies, clubs, and faith-based organizations.
Click on the following links to apply for financial aid.
FAFSA  -  This is free federal aid money that you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY BACK.  The window to file the FAFSA opens OCTOBER 1.  You should file your FAFSA no later than October 16.  The student aid report, that is generated by the FAFSA, will be used in Apply Texas and will also be used by colleges to determine how much aid and scholarship money they can give you.  After you complete and submit the FAFSA, there will be a place where it says "Print Student Aid Report (SAR)".  Be sure and do this.  You should always take a copy of your SAR when visiting colleges and when visiting with their financial aid offices.  All students should apply for FAFSA, even if you have a college tuition waiver or an full scholarship, you should still apply.  You must reapply EVERY October that you are in school.  Be sure and keep your log in information and passwords in a safe place.  You will need them every year.  
FEDERAL STUDENT AID - Has a lot of information about student aid.  It also contains a FAFSA link.
STUDENT FINANCIAL AID TOOLKIT - More great information from the Department of Education.